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Our Standard Solid Cedar Planks come in 4 distinct sizes.  Each is made of 100% Coastal Cedar from the Pacific Northwest.  Cedar planks are ideal for salmon and most other fish along with seafood and served in hundreds of fine dining restaurants from coast to coast.   Cedar has a mild flavor with a slight woodsy taste that works beautifully with most all salmon and steel head.  The North American Indians would fish in the summer and smoke their catch with cedar and/or alder wood which are both indigenous to the Pacific Northwest.  The smoking would not only preserve the fish for the winters but add a wonderful smoky enhancement as well.

100% Coastal Cedar - No additives of any kind - No chemicals

100% made in the USA


5.5" x 14.25" can handle most any full size salmon fillet.  .


5.25" x 11.75" fits most standard baking pans for soaking making it convenient for most all kitchens.  We make three versions, our oven thickness, our normal industry thickness and our QuickSmokes designed for quick cooking foods such as shrimp, scallops and other seafood along with stuffed vegetables.  These are an ideal way to try cooking with planks.  Check out our holiday specials.


5.5" x 8.5" is the perfect size for a dinner for two.  


5.5" x 7" is our standard restaurant plank for individual servings.  Sold at retail as well as in bulk to commercial restaurants and food processors.

Our Family Sizes

The Family Planks come with slits (for pizza) or are solid for that full Prime Rib or Butterflied Chicken meal.  The slits give you that crispy crust and the solid surface keep the juices on the plank.   

The Family Plank - The Pizza Griller

The Kettle Plank - The Beer Can Chicken Plank

We have a limited number of holiday gift packs and plank combos you might consider ordering early...

Pizza plank, BBQ griller

Our Wide Variety of Cooking Planks

unique family sizes, shapes & blends

Our Bold & Robust Grilling Papers

more flavors...more possibilities...

Our Convenient Smoke Enhancers

for a party of one or a party of many