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Largest cedar plank cooking surface in the market.  Perfect for home-made pizza, classic vegetable medlies, a full prime rib, butterflied chicken, St Louis style ribs and any "Pan Meal" is taken to new heights with all the trimmin's...every meal is juicy and succulent and filled with that wonderful smoky enhancement.  For multiple uses, clean thoroughly with warm water scrubbing off any excess food immediately after removing from grill.  Then place in plastic bag and stick in freezer.  Then, just bring to room temperature for next time.  


Recipes are available at www.kellycraigllc.com and 50campfires.com.  Check them out and enjoy.

The Family Pizza Plank 6 pk

  • Soak in liquid for about 1 hour keeping plank completely submerged.  Then lightly towel dry then use olive oil generously on cooking size then add seasoned food.  Start out over direct heat for 2 to 3 minutes till plank begins to smolder then move to indirect heat side of grill, close lid and cook till food has cooked according to directions.