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Smoked Cedar Wraps Rock!!!

February 6, 2018


Coastal red cedar from the Pacific Northwest is ideal for smoking food.  That is not necessarily the case with cedar from other parts of the country as well as other parts of the world.  The North American Indians used the coastal cedar and alder in the summer to smoke their food for the flavor as well as to preserve it for the long winters.  Cedar has more of an earthy flavor and is very aromatic while alder is milder and sweeter. 


But why cedar when it comes to the Smoked Wraps? Cedar tends to absorb the flavor from the other woods exceptionally well and can handle the additional moisture needed to keep the wraps pliable and yet maintain their shelf life.  Once you buy a pack of Smoked Cedar Wraps and open it you will understand immediately what a difference these make in both flavor and in pliability. 


All Kelly Craig wraps are 100% all natural just like everything else produced by us.  There are no additives used in any of our processes.  And, everything is produced in our own facility in the Spokane, WA.


Selecting what flavor to use with what food. 


There are all sorts of opinions out there but in most cases that is all they are.  What matters is what appeals to your taste buds.  You can click here and get a good idea of what you can expect from each wood specie, but the proof is really in the pudding.  Most people say that mesquite, as an example, only works with red meat and yet my favorite restaurant in Berkeley, California serves a Mesquite Salmon that is their signature dish and it is amazing.  And to this day, I use the Mesquite Smoked Cedar Wraps to cook a chicken recipe that has gotten more complements than anything I can think of.  So again, you have to try a few different flavors to find what works for you.


You should also try different seasonings with the various flavors.  Most of us have our favorites and probably in most cases what you use on beef is different from what you use on chicken or fish but maybe not.  Try different combinations along with the different wood flavors and see what works for you and the same with herbs.  And explore with lemon or lime slices under your meat and/or dried herbs. 


The key with the wraps is that they can be used with just about any cooking method – BBQ, oven, open flame, wrapped in foil and cooked directly on the coals, etc.   And they cook the food evenly.  Everything is enclosed inside the wrap with that steam process and even the smoky flavor is consistent on all sides giving you the best of what each has to offer.


Now don’t confuse cedar wraps with tortillas or banana leaves or rice paper, etc. Cedar wraps are more like a Dutch oven in many ways – a cooking vessel that, in this case, not only retains the natural juices in the food but actually contributes significantly to the flavor.  The result is this delightfully succulent, perfectly cooked smoky dish.  And for those of you that enjoy camping, wraps are ideal for you.


But don’t just take my word for it - try our Smoked Wraps.  I believe you will be pleasantly surprised.


If you want to know more, continue to peruse the Kelly Craig website at kellycraigllc.com.


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