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Even More Flavor...

Whether cooking on a gas grill, a charcoal barbecue, or even with a smoker, Kelly Craig has a unique product to add more flavor to any dish.

The unique KC Smoke Sacks are ideal for the Charcoal Grill.  Sacks also come in a variety of wood flavors or combinations that you soak in liquid (water, wine, juice whatever best complements your meal) then you slightly squeeze to remove excess before dropping directly on your hot coals for 1 hour of smoky flavor.  No mess, no residue.

Our Smoke Bombs are filled with fluff that soaks up moisture thoroughly and continues to smolder for up to an hour.  Each is labeled with the name of the wood specie or mix thereof.  Kelly Craig is constantly testing out different product solutions in an attempt to make sure that we are using every inch of every board foot of wood that comes through our door.  

The KC patented Drop Soak & Smokes come in a variety of flavors or flavor mixes.  Each consists of all natural compressed chips (no additives) that provide sufficient weight to keep the pucks submerged when dropped into liquid.  As a result, each puck gives you 2 1/2 to 3 cups of fully soaked smoking chips in less than 90 seconds.  Once soaked, just place a hand full in foil and poke 6-8 holes in foil and place on grill.  After about 2 minutes over direct flame and you see the chips smoldering, move over indirect heat near food and voila.  As they say "Just Drop, Soak and Smoke..."

Fully soaked chips in 90 seconds.
Drop, Soak & Smoke

Each available in:  apple. cedar, alder, maple, hickory, mesquite, pecan, cherry, beef mix, pork mix, fish mix, chicken mix, vegetable mix...

Our Wide Variety of Cooking Planks

unique family sizes, shapes & blends

Our Bold & Robust Grilling Papers

more flavors...more possibilities...

Our Convenient Smoke Enhancers

for a party of one or a party of many