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Smoked Cedar Wraps

Salmon Wrap Packs to Beef Wrap Packs


All take the guess work out of this simple way of cooking.  It is healthy and retains those natural juices in the food.  You almost can’t go wrong and we provide the perfect complementing flavors.  Just season your food as you like it and when done, lay it on the wrap with the grain, pull both sides up to surround the food and tie secure with the wet string then place on the grill.  All that is left is to enjoy the food cooked in the salmon wrap packs, beef wrap packs or poultry wrap packs and listen to the complements come rolling in.  Cooking with wood can enhance just about anything if you like a little smoky flavor.  We all know smoked bacon and smoked salmon, but what about a mini meatloaf, a nice pork strip, some fresh trout or duck strips...our Variety Wrap Packs are ideal.  You've gotta try em...  Suggestion:  check out 50Campfires.com on April 13, 2018 and our Ultimate Guide for Camp Cooking with wood featuring Kelly Craig products...great recipes and instructions too...

Convenient for campers and backyard cooks as well.

Variety Packs

The Venison Wrap Packs - the bold all-natural flavors of hickory and mesquite are perfect for venison.  And the wraps help retain the natural juices.  You can also wrap the meat with bacon to add additional moisture and flavor.   Order here

The Wild Turkey Wrap Packs - here the fruity apple and maple flavors bring a wonderful subtle smoky flavor to the meat seasoned to your liking.  Again, the juices are retained and I believe with one taste you will be stoked. Order here

The Duck Wrap Packs - apple is now shared with cherry.  Both flavors add a wonder fruity touch to the meat and because of the natural oils of the duck the meat is juicy and tender. Order here

The Trout Wrap Packs - again apple is the base then complemented with oak to bring out the wonderful natural flavor of the trout.  Trout is  a very tasty fish and responds well to the wood. Order here

The Walleye Wrap Packs -  walleye is very popular in many areas of the country and one of the nicer tasting fish.  Cedar and pecan provide the right combination to make for a wonderful meal.  Again, season with your favorite spices and let the stoking begin. Order here

Featuring The Salmon Wrap Packs - the old standard.  Fine dining restaurants the country over use either cedar or alder to serve their salmon along with seafood dishes.  Both bring a delightful taste sensation to the table. Order here



Featuring The Beef Wrap Packs - Hickory and cherry are included here.  Hickory provides the bold flavor while cherry adds just the right fruity complement.  This works on just about any red meat. Order here

The Fish Wrap Packs - Again you can't go wrong with the cedar and alder.  You can alternate each between the fish and the vegetable just to shake things up a bit.  But either way they work. Order here

The Poultry Wrap Packs - The apple and maple do good things with any poultry.  The fruity flavors of the wood bring out the sweeter flavors of the seasoning to give your poultry that ideal flavor. Order here

Packaging is durable - No soaking required - Flavors are bold and robust

And you can use on the BBQ (gas & charcoal), the oven, in a smoker, open flame, and if you are so inclined, wrap them in foil and throw em' on the coals (and don't forget the "wrap music")

Available in 24 Pack Cedar Display

Our Wide Variety of Cooking Planks

unique family sizes, shapes & blends

Our Bold & Robust Grilling Papers

more flavors...more possibilities...

Our Convenient Smoke Enhancers

for a party of one or a party of many