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Creating Unique Smoking Products for the BBQ... 

Kelly Craig strives to use every inch of every board foot shipped to us from the mills.  Thus we produce the widest array of wood smoking products (cedar planks, cedar wraps, smoke bombs, drop soak & smokes, etc) in the industry. 

A Difference Maker

Smoke adds a subtle flavor that enhances the food being cooked.  Kelly Craig focuses on the gas and charcoal grills although some Master Chef's use our products even in their smokers.  Food cooked directly on a plank or in a cooking wrap does benefit from cooking on or in the wood surface.  It can't escape the flavor enhancement.  

BBQ vs Grilling

Barbecuing and grilling are different. Grilling is consider cooking fast over high heat.  Barbecuing is what is referred to as "low and slow" much like a smoker but still on the barbecue.  With a cooking plank, it is recommended you start over direct heat to get the plank slightly charred and smoldering but then move the plank over the indirect heat side of the grill, close the lid and cook till done.  (Fish should be at 145 degrees - red meat and poultry at 165 degrees at thickest part)

The Hidden Jewels of Barbecuing


Most people think of "wraps", when it comes to cooking, as either flour tortillas, rice paper or something else that is edible.  Cedar wraps are not edible.  They are a cooking vessel for protein, vegetables and even fruit.  They give off a wonderful smoky flavor that enhances the food they are cooking but more importantly, they protect the food from charring and over cooking through a steam process which holds the natural juices of the food in the food.  Cooking on wood planks or in wood wraps is healthy cooking method as well. Kelly Craig proprietary Smoked Cedar Wraps, which are 100% all-natural,  offer up to 25 different flavors of wraps to cook with which provides unlimited  taste possibilities. 


With the KC Smoked Cedar Wraps, you don't have to soak them before cooking.  At most, you just lightly spray once on each side and you are ready to wrap around your seasoned food, tie with string or an onion skin and place on your grill.  Then when done, just serve as is on the plate and let your family or guest open their gift.  Restaurants that use our wraps nationally do this to add ambiance.to the evening.  And you tell me, "who doesn't like ambiance"?


Check out our special Wrap Packs for Venison, Duck, Wild Turkey, Walleye, Trout, Beef, Fish and Poultry as well as all of our individual flavors.  They are easy to prepare and take ordinary to extraordinary every time.    Click here

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