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Multiple Flavored Planks Available

There is no doubt that cedar planks are important to our industry.  That is where it all began.  But mark my word, once you start using our multiple flavored planks you will be surprised.  Cedar planks are great for salmon and I personally use them for some seafood as well and even some chicken dishes.  But the blend of cherry and maple is fast becoming my favorite of the multiple flavored planks.  That multiple flavored plank blend has just the right balance that seems to go with pork, beef, chicken and even some of the whiter fish.  And when I want to add a little kick to the flavor then I can either take the maple or cherry and blend it with a hickory or oak or pecan.  Then don’t ignore the cedar plank, if that is something you enjoy, blend that with the maple or cherry.  The multiple flavored planks are well worth giving them a try.
Cedar cooking planks
 The Cedar Planks
Available in several different sizes from the individual meal plank used by hundreds of fine dining restaurant around the country to our kitchen size which fits most sinks and baking dishes for soaking to our large salmon planks designed to comfortably handle a full sized filet and that ain't all - we like our food stoked rather than just smoked!  READ MORE
The Pizza Plank (Family Griller) 
The largest plank cooking surface on the market today.  Ideal for cooking home-made pizza to a full-sized meal for the entire family:  Prime rib with red potatoes, and broccoli; a butterflied whole chicken with corn on the cob;  a slab of St. Louis ribs...perfect also for taking any "pan dinner" recipe to new heights. Easy to use and adding great flavor...and don't forget cookies, meatloaf and even baking bread...and now I am REALLY getting stoked!  READ MORE
The Beer Can Chicken Plank
Believe me, and thousands of others, there is nothing better than Beer Can Chicken stoked on our cedar plank.  The chicken is protected from charring and drying out and the end result is the most succulent chicken you will ever taste with that wonderful cedar smoky flavor.  This is a must!
The Smoked Cedar Wraps
Proprietary to Kelly Craig.  Available in up to 25 different flavors including apple, mesquite, hickory, peach, and pecan..  No soaking required.  In most all cases, ready to wrap around your food and start stoking right out of the box.  Worst case scenario, you just do one mist spray on front and back and you are good to go.  
  • Bold and robust flavors
  • Succulent and juicy every time
Cooking with wraps is so easy and yet so rewarding.  Great flavor;  perfectly cooked every time; Ideal for serving on the plate for your guest to open.  
Always use a meat thermometer:  Fish at 145 degrees; chicken, beef & pork 165 degrees
Grilling papers/Smoked wraps
Multiple Flavored Planks (mix & match)
Now we have honestly gone well beyond fish on a plank.  Now you can customize to the perfect blend to  match the food you are cooking.  Stronger woods like hickory and mesquite can be overbearing.  Even cedar and alder can be a bit too woodsy.  But now you can still get that wonderful hint of the stronger flavors and yet balance that with a milder complementing flavor that not only tones the stronger flavor down but adds something else (Fruity flavors tend to accent the sweeter seasoning components as opposed to the stronger flavors tend to bring out the bold).
Lots of people have opinions on what goes with what and that is understandable.  All of us have our preferences in taste so blended planks are no different.  You need to explore a bit and see what fits your taste buds and those of your family.  The milder flavored woods can go with just about anything.
Cedar/Maple is a nice balance for most fish.  I personally prefer it for my salmon and I find it complements the milder fish better that just cedar or alder.  It also works nicely with chicken and pork.
The cherry is a bit more fruity which can be a nice change from the maple and that makes it pretty much compatible with stuffed vegetables as well as just about any protein group.  Again, I find that cedar and alder can be somewhat harsh with some fish and even with chicken but the cherry seems to balance it out nicely.  And of course both pork and beef are compatible as well.
This has become my "go to" favorite for most everything.  By using any of the "Added Touch" accent flavors I can get that added bump that takes the meal over the top.  Maple is a stronger flavor but still somewhat fruity and with the cherry they just smoothen each other out.
For your wild game and bold red meats this blend does the trick.  The bold flavor of hickory tempered by the fruity maple.  This works for me on so many levels.
Cooking plank slats
Smoke Sacks, Bombs, Drop Soak & Smokes
Smoke Enhancers
The Drop, Soak & Smokes
Compressed smoking chips that have sufficient weight allowing the pucks to stay submerged in liquid giving you 3 plus cups of soaked chips with each puck in less than 90 seconds.  
  • 97% less time required to soak compared to regular wood chips
  • More convenient - each puck is individually wrapped
  • Perfect for camping and other outdoor events
Come in hickory, apple, maple, cherry, pecan, almond, mesquite, alder and cedar
The Smoke Bombs/Smoke Sacks
Perfect for the charcoal grill.  Both are full of fluff and give off 1 hour of smoky flavor when soaked for 6 to 8 min. then dropped directly onto the hot coals.   Close the lid and let the smoke do it's thing. No mess and no clean up.  
Bombs come in hickory, apple, maple, cherry, pecan, mesquite, alder and cedar.  Sacks available in the same plus custom blends.  (Estimated upon request.)

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