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Adding Smoke for the BBQ

Welcome to the world of Kelly Craig.  What's coming, what's here, what's new...and anything else we feel is noteworthy.  And if you pay attention you might even learn a thing or three and get "mighty stoked" about adding smoke for the bbq...

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Some people say cooking wraps, others say smoked grilling papers but here at Kelly Craig because of our unique processes, we say Smoked Cedar WrapsAnd let me tell you, when it comes to adding smoke for the BBQ, there is nothing better.  You can use our Smoked Grilling Papers or, as we say, Smoked Cedar Wraps and get the boldest and most robust flavor possible.  And the flavors that are available will “Stoke” you for sure:  mesquite wood, hickory wood, almond, peach, pear, apple, orange, maple wood, cherry wood…up to 25 different flavors all adding that wonderful smoke for the B.B.Q. 

“I love to barbecue and this has become my favorite method.  The complements just keep on coming...”

— Scottie Gee, Chef of his Own Backyard

“This is such an easy way to cook (adding smoke for the bbq) using planks and wraps which truly make a difference.  Everything seems to take an extra step up.”

— Ellen Allen, Housewife and mother of 4

HIC - adding smoke for the bbq

Harold Import out of New Jersey carries the Kelly Craig product line to the Gourmet market.  HIC is prominent in the gourmet industry world wide and constantly looking to expand into new markets that fit their mission. 

Think "BBQ/Smoker" as your Oven

The key is keeping your BBQ at the temperature called for on the recipe and then just follow the directions including the cooking time for adding smoke for the BBQ.  And to be safe, with meat, you should always use a meat thermometer since BBQs, just like ovens, can vary.

We suggest using our Family Plank to make cookies, bake bread, make a meatloaf, prepare a full meal.   You can use the QuickSmokes to wrap in foil tightly with meat and vegetables inside and place over the campfire.  The plank provides stability for the food and adds that wonderful 'stoked' flavor.

Our smoked grilling papers (smoked cedar wraps) are perfect for the grill, oven, the smoker, the campfire...since they wrap around the food and protect it from charring.  If placing over the fire or in with the hot coals, wrap the smoked grilling papers in heavy foil with the food inside.  

The KC Smoked Grilling Papers (smoked cedar wraps) come in up to 25 different flavors providing lots of variations to 'stoke' with.  

Kelly Craig has a proprietary process for interlocking different wood species together to create that perfect complement for any dish.  Some of the more popular dominate wood flavors such as hickory, pecan and even cedar because of its woodsy flavor, can be overbearing with certain food or with certain recipes.  So we can balance that out by blending with a cherry or maple, as an example. This can make a real difference.  Try the cherry/maple with chicken and you will see what we mean.  The wood can also bring out certain flavors in the seasoning being used as well which can have a nice effect and often take recipes you and your family have enjoyed for years to new heights.  

Kelly Craig blended planks

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